AliExpress one-time sale
A Chinese online marketplace with over 200,000 sellers
100M+ goods
Convenient shipment and frequent discounts
1111 ways for publishers to earn
Advertise goods of China's largest marketplace and earn a commission for every order placed through your link. Even if you're a buyer.
Approval rate > 90%
average monthly earnings
active program publishers in the United Kingdom
> 95%
paid orders
When do we start?
During the "warm-up" period, urge users to add goods to the basket, collect coins and coupons, play games, and take part in promotions. When the sale comes, prompt them to redeem everything they have added to the basket.
How affiliate marketing works:
Publish links on social media and in newsletters, on websites and blogs. All traffic sources allowed for AliExpress are described here.
Pre-sale October 28 – November 10
Publish a link
A user follows it and places an order
The advertiser pays you for every order
Sale — November 11 – November 12
Last chance — November 13 – November 15
"What we certainly feel is that you guys are putting effort into our mutual growth.
Rob Horwood
Having a dedicated publisher development manager on the Admitad side really helps us to streamline the process of reaching out to different advertisers. Having somebody in a middle is like having a lens that just lets through the things that are most effective for both sides, Publishers and Advertisers, and it is a massive benefit.
With you guys, we’re starting to do well. We’re trying to generate more sales, we’re taking higher and more commissions.
...We can reach our sales goal every month. Our traffic sales are gradually growing. You help us gain! We’re trying to allocate more funds and resources to your platform. Hopefully, we will generate more sales and profit.
Also, a big advantage of Admitad Affiliate Network is its huge range of international programs in loads of different verticals."
I had worked with your India country manager before she joined Admitad. We stayed in touch and here I am, working with you.
Ankur Khanna
...Beside the slew of programs you have, our account manager Anastasia is always very helpful and responsive.
About plans with Admitad, "...Tomorrow I will be asking my team to check new programs. Yeah, let's take it forward.