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It all makes sense: your website, social network profile or an advertising space in Google Ads, any site can be easily monetized when there are brands willing to pay!
We will help you make the most out of your traffic!
Admitad's affiliate network comprises over 1,800 brands that are willing to pay for sales and installations.
How affiliate marketing works
An affiliate network is a huge message board. Brands wishing to increase their sales state how much they are willing to pay for each click, registration, app installation, or order.
Then, people who have an audience (called publishers) place advertisements on their sites.
The publisher posts a link
The buyer follows it and purchases a product
The advertiser rewards the publisher for each order
Earn money in just three steps:
More action means more money. There is no limit for earnings.
Партнерская сеть – это огромная доска объявлений. Бренды, желающие увеличить свой доход, пишут, сколько готовы заплатить за клик, регистрацию, установку приложения или оплаченный заказ.
А люди с доступом к аудитории – их называют веб-мастерами – публикуют рекламу на своих площадках.
What we offer
world’s largest brands
faster and more consistent payment
higher commission rates
exclusive terms
free training courses and webinars
24/7 support
easy-to-use platform
robust tools and reporting
Trusted by the world’s largest brands:
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Our partners
…I was definitely aware of you even though I was not in the affiliate marketing industry. I would say everyone is aware of you. You are not the little guys.
...We are working with a huge array of affiliate networks. We have pain points, but in terms of working with Admitad - I’m very excited to work with you guys just because the account managers have been very very supportive and we are really happy with the service.
...We are very interested in growing with you guys, we’ve seen this close relationship that we have and we definitely want to work on with you. We are happy with the service and we see a lot of potential”.
Kendyl Young
We have 700k+ publishers working with us
$139,754,541 earned by our affiliates in 2019
Our partners
We have 700k+ publishers working with us
$139,754,541 earned by our affiliates in 2019
...We are satisfied with our current income with you. But we strive to do more with Admitad. We do really like your platform. In the beginning it was very unusual, not similar to other affiliate programs that we used to work with. Now I can say that it's a really cool and comfortable platform, everything’s in its place.
We like your payment process, it’s rather fast, it’s amazing that we can ourselves request payouts just by clicking on several buttons on your platform. We like the variety of payment options, big choice of relevant campaigns. We’d like to scale up and grow our revenue with Admitad”.
From Rmkr.es
... It’s great working with you guys. I like that you are user-friendly and immediately figure out how to apply and the reporting function is easy, deep linking features are pretty easy. The website is pretty easy to navigate.
I definitely want to continue working with you and I just hope you extend, get more companies in my market.
Nakisha Wilson
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