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Users click the link and complete target actions
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Admitad Affiliate will help you enhance your marketing and maximize it to save your time and money.
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Online services
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Online gaming
Keep in mind that site traffic must be at least 200,000-300,000 users per month
Other segments
(automobiles, surveys, real estate, etc.)
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Client Feedback
"AJIO has been associated with Admitad Affiliate since 2016. Over the last 5 years, Admitad Affiliate has always been a trustworthy affiliate network for us, and its team has proved their worth every time.
Affiliate marketing is one of the most promising sales channels for any brand as it’s the only channel that gives 360-degree visibility across online platforms. Affiliate channels not only help a lot with sales but help build a brand, as well.
The team has been working closely with us to reach month-on-month targets. They come up with new trends like trying Influencers, bloggers, etc., to tap the potential. They’re a gold mine for a brand to reach out to the right set of customers."
“Having created the right brand value over 22 years, we have come to a juncture in our business where the Acer online store has become a key sales channel for us serving our customers and partners with an omnichannel experience. Admitad Affiliate has garnered a reputation for delivering top-notch affiliate services to many leading brands across segments, and our exclusive association hopes to achieve the same for Acer.”
Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Acer India
Prateek Rathore, Assistant Manager
(Strategic alliances & partnership marketing), AJIO
Who already collaborate with us:
Оur advertisers:
Our publishers:
and 800,000+ other websites and experts
and 1500+ other large- and medium-sized businesses
1 | How does affiliate marketing work?
You choose the traffic types you want and approve affiliates (publishers) to join your program. They advertise your products and services on their ad spaces—websites, social network communities, cashback services, and on Google. If a customer places an order, you pay the publishers a percentage of the order.

If the customer doesn’t redeem the item or returns it, you don’t pay a penny. This is the basis of the cost-per-action model: you only pay for confirmed results!
2 | How is affiliate marketing different from ad agencies or freelance services?
Agencies only deal with advertising in certain areas. At Admitad, you can specify any traffic type(s) for your product.

We also provide analytics you can use to find out which types of traffic are effective for your affiliate program. We’re always looking for new publishers for your offer.
3 | How does an affiliate network track actions?
In a nutshell, through affiliate links, coupons, and promo codes.

Clicking an affiliate link saves a cookie file in the user’s browser that allows Admitad Affiliate to track where the customer came from and who should receive rewards for it. Coupons usually contain the publisher’s ID, as well.

Promo codes are a bit more complicated: they tend to run free all across the Internet, making it hard to know who brought the customer in. Admitad Affiliate advertisers solve this problem by assigning unique promo codes to their publishers, so all sales made through particular codes are attributed to a specific platform.
4 | What if a customer has ad blocking software installed?
Admitad Affiliate can track actions even if users have an ad blocker or antivirus, even when they start ordering from one device and finish on another.

5 | Is affiliate marketing right for my company?
Yes, if you have a shopping cart on your website, and its traffic is 200,000-300,000 users per month.
6 | What if the budget is wasted or there are false applications?
Let us reiterate: you only pay for ACTUAL sales. Payments are only applied for confirmed purchases, so you won’t ‘drain’ your budget or spend without getting the results you deserve.
7 | I don’t know anything about affiliate marketing. What should I do?
Admitad Affiliate offers its Affiliate Academy, which features courses for both publishers and advertisers. Our colleagues will tell you which traffic types perform best in your segment and teach you how to take full advantage of the platform’s tools.
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